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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  August 24, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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investigation and additional information developed that morning, there is no question that the members of the joint terrorism task force had probable cause to arrest mr. rahim. they did not require a warrant to do so. in fact, knowing what they know -- knowing what they now did about his plans for that day, they had the duty to stop him before he could act. members of the surveillance team approached weapons holstered. an eyewitness described this approach as casual rather than confrontational. they identified themselves as law enforcement officers. a boston police detective assigned to the team instructed mr. rahim to put his hands into the air. mr. rahim refused that instruction and drew his knife from its sheath. the sheath that is visible in the cvs surveillance footage.
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point and repeatedly ordered him to drop his weapon. mr. rahim refused these orders and advanced on members of the surveillance team who backed away from him. they attempted to deescalate the situation by retreating a distance of nearly 50 feet, almost the entire length of the parking lot from washington street to dunkin' donuts and all the while repeatedly ordering mr. rahim to drop >> mr. rahim continued to advance on the spherts, refused to drop his weapon and responded by saying "you drop yours," and "why don't you shoot me." mr. rahim continued his around advance until he was within several feet of the officers. facing an active ongoing and continuing threat to himself and
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mr. rahim and an fbi agent fired an additional two rounds at him. all three rounds struck mr. rahim, who collapsed with a knife still in his hands. members of the task force immediately disarmed him, began providing him with medical assistance and called for boston ems who arrived moments later. emts treated mr. rahim at the scene, rushed him to brigham and women's hospital where h an autopsy by the chief medical examiner of massachusetts revealed that he suffered three gunshot wounds. as most of you know it is my practice to identify the officers in any fatal shooting. the unique circumstances in this case however are quite different than those we have investigated in the past. this case involves a conspiracy to murder a specific civilian target and uniformed police officers, more generally in the
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identifying the task force officers by name could put them at risk and in light of that risk we are not releasing their names. i am extending the same protection to the 18 civilian witnesses at or near the scene who gave interviews to investigators. we are releasing the full content of their statements and observations but we are not releasing their names or personal identifying information. as i mentioned earlier certain other documents must withheld so as not to prejudice who of mr. rahim's leaned coconspirators. those two men are facing federal charges after being indicted, for the same underlying offenses for which mr. rahim was first under investigation. again, however, the small number of materials that we are not providing were fully reviewed by my team, myself, and although
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this investigation or the legal analysis on which my decision is based, all of which has been made available to mr. rahim's family, their counsel and you, the media. after meeting with mr. rahim's family i had a chance to meet earlier this afternoon with members of the community leaders, several of whom are members of bfns' islamic coun that mr. rahim was being investigated for his actions not for his faith. my office has had a long and productive partnership with minister don muhammad, the muslim athletic league, the el routea masid mosque in dorchester and many other groups. we value their contributions to boston and suffolk county and condemn any violence perpetrated against them because of their
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my findings today are based solely on the facts that were known to the officers involved on june 2nd, 2015 and massachusetts law. those of you was in law enforcement working in a time of unprecedented scrutiny when it comes to the use of lethal force by police. but whatever might be said of over cities across the country, we in b scrutiny and we meet it with a policy of transparency that few, if any, can match. so those conclude my remarks, if you have any questions of me or special agent shaw, commissioner evans, you may ask them at this time. [ inaudible question] why did this investigation take more than with a year to complete? this is something that we've been striving to do better at, frankly, byron, for a long time.
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but also a small office in many respects. i entrusted six or seven of my top prosecutors to work on these cases, in addition to their work on this case, they also are dealing with hundreds of other important matters. so we apologize to the family that this took a little bit too long but we also say we don't play under a clock so to speak. our job is to get this right. we only have one opportunity to get this right. sometimes it takes a bit lon but we want to do the most complete thorough investigation we possibly can with the utmost integrity, and that's why sometimes it takes longer than we would like. >> you said that there are three other cases that you did bring charges. was it against ?rifers can you clarify? we did three other individuals who exercised deadly force who were civilians, same kind of investigation, applied the same standards, and made a decision
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who exercised deadly force. there's no double standard is the point i was trying to make but we provide the -- apply the same standard to civilians as we do police officers. [ inaudible ] >> yeah, you know what, we can go through the three cases with you if we could off-line. >> you met with the family this morning. what was their reaction? can you give us any insight. >> these meet rings very difficult. i've been through these meetings 14 times now in my 14 years as district attorney. we first -- we always begin with our condolences. when there's a life lost in boston or anywhere in suffolk county, it's a tragedy, no matter what the circumstances are. we then went through in great detail an explanation of what we found to be the facts, explained the law to them. they were represented by counsel. they had numerous questions. i would say that they were incredibly polite and respectful, and i appreciated
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minutes, and we let them know, as we do all families, that if they leave here and they decide that they have other questions that they need answered, we're available to them. so, you know, that's how it went. >> did the family accept your conclusions? >> they didn't say to us we accept, they didn't say that they oppose or object. they took it all in. it's a lot to take in in any one moment in time. 770 pages. they're gonna go through that and really study the i suppose, with their expownl if they have other questions, they'll ask us. >> what about the overnight community member as soon as did they agree with your conclusions? >> we had about a dozen or so community leaders here. i'd ask to you ask them, byron. but i felt that by and large, yes, there was a general acceptance that the officers were confronted with a situation which they had to act, they acted, and it was i think relatively accepted -- was accepted by the community.
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>> it's really, i'm not -- this was not our investigation. this is a federal investigation. the two other individuals a facing federal indictment. things changed when the plan was abandoned to go to new york the a so point in the future, perhaps a possibility down the road, and, mr. rahim indicated that he was intending to attack police officers. so he was going to the task force officers determined if he got on the bus, they went to forest hills, a lot of uniformed officers down here in the
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type of environment and the supervisor decided we can't get them on the bus. so things change kind of rapidly and as these things sometimes do, they evolve quickly and the centers to react. >> the militant, his name escapes me at the moment, but he has been -- he was killed in the
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investigation into this and the length of the investigates? >> that was an investigation by the fbi and special agent shad could comment but i probably suggest he won't because we have a trial coming up shortly. >> yeah, and the bottomline is that because there is a pending trial i'd have to defer any specific questions that to the u.s. attorney's office. we wouldn't want to do that could potentially compromise that subsequent trial of those individuals. >> i know he was aware at some point that he thought he was being investigated to operate? i'm unaware of the aspect that he was aware that he was under investigation.
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>> when you guys say he was planning to attack due to the fact that he had a knife, i think there was some talk that he was planning to behead somebody in new york or the police officers? is that correct? the original plan was to go to new york and behead a specific target there and then things changed that morning and the officers believed -- and i would tend to agree with them that the potential was to go down and harm a police officer, most likely at forest hills station. they had to >> have you obtained more images over the past year? as i mentioned in my remarks, there were four videos, was it, john? four videos, we got them all, they're at a great distance. they -- it was raining that day, so one of the cameras has
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so they are. you know, the videos are not conclusive. there's nothing we can do about that. we wish they were closer. we wish they had more clarity and so forth. in this instance we relied heavily on the 18 witnesses that told us and the videos are helpful because they tend to corroborate wilt statements, and the civilians corroborated the police officers and the fbi agents. so in total, cumulatively, it pointed to justified shooting. all rig much. i think you can make some images available. >> we're taking a little break from the press conference right now because they're going to play some video right now during this press conference, video that we haven't seen yet, and just to wrap up what's going on right now, the big headline coming out of today is that a boston police detective and fbi agent will not be facing charges in connection to the officer-involved shooting of
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>> yes. and we're going to break away from the video because we haven't seen that video yet. we'll watch and see what's on it and sort of requeue it for you, for the viewers. and what we just heard for the last several minutes was a really indepth recap of what happened on that day, june 2nd outside of the cvs in roslindale. recapping that police went in, they had this person under federal surveillance for months and believed that at that point he was boston police and thought that he posed an immediate threat to the people of the area and to police and that's when they decided to confront the man. they confronted him saying he was in position of a large military style knife. i think we have a picture of that in one of our videos. there's the photograph of that knife, saying that when it happened they told him to drop
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we are going to go over to adam williams now standing by for us with more information. adam, you've got more information to tell us. >> well, we're going to take a break with this coverage right now and take some of this in, adam, we're going to talk more about the situation in italy now with the earthquake. >> what we can tell you that there are so many people investigators say are still stuck in the rubble. search efforts, and the situation just seems to get more grim as the minutes and hours go by. and we have a story to roll now, let's get to that if we have had available. >> reporter: this ancient town that has stood for centuries now nearly gone. registration cures digging through rubble trying to get to
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underneath. one official says he's guessing at least 50 people were killed and those numbers are likely to rise as rescue workers track down who is stuck in the rubble and who is dead and who is alive. >> in the next few hours we must continue to bring people alive from beneath the rubble. >> reporter: tragic, awful images from the devastation. people's bodies on the ground and taken diapers, water, eq have survived this devastating earthquake in order for them to be able to continue with their lives. there are a lot of people who lost their homes. they'll need temporary shelter. this is one of the worst quakes in recent time in the history of the area where tremors were felt in rome nearly 100 miles away. >> the chandelier was sleighing back and forth and at that point we knew and tried to get out of
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survivors. >> the mayor of that small town at the center of the quake says the city is no more. the last major earthquake in that region killed 300 people and turned that town eventually into a ghost town. in our newsroom, i'm adam williams, 7news. well, it was a gps bracelet
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from a previous conviction. it didn't help prevent the crime but did help lead police to their suspect. >> reporter: the suspect was allowed to stay behind a door, out of view, but prosecutors say edward rodriguez is the man who raped and robbed a woman in the south end early monday morning. prosecutors say rodriguez was on probation after serving eight years for a very similar rape in 2007. >> the young woman is walking alone to the bus at 6:00 in the morning. this man approaches her, indicates to her that he has a knife, that he wil she doesn't comply, walks her to a secluded area and violently rapes her. >> reporter: a close friend came to court to hear about a past she says she never knew. >> what she have to surf. you know, i'm a woman, so it's like -- to me, committee go to jail for 15, 30 years, life. >> reporter: early monday morning prosecutors say rodriguez forced a woman into a south end playground where he raped her, robbed her of carve a cell phone and took off.
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bracelet he was wearing since last december. >> gps had him pinpointed to the exact area where the victim says the rape occurred. >> reporter: boston mayor marty walsh praised police for the quick arrest but said details of the case are troubling. >> we caught the guy, so at least knowing there's safety out there, but you know, always telling people to watch out for their surroundings. generally we have a safe city but you don't know what are the circumstances of people coming through or passing always be very careful. >> if the friend had tried look into rodriguez's past looking on a sex offender registry, it turns out she may not have been able to find anything. he doesn't appear to be in the registry. we've asked officials running why that is, we're still waiting for an explanation. dan, much more news ahead
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i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me... i'll never stop fighting for you. another beautiful summer day out there. lower humidity perfect. >> you really can't complain right now. i know what may be around the bend but i'm not going to bring that up. bree edgar is standing by. >> you know, some of the best weather still to come for the summertime when we get the cool mornings followed by warm afternoons like we had today, our highs today topping out in the mid- to upper 80s which is above average for this time of
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the dewpoints have been in check. i always say 60 degrees is a good threshold. anything above that is muggy, anything below that is comfortable. we're in the comfortable category with the dewpoints at this point having a lot of sunshine around with us, as well. taking a wider look at what's happening here, high pressure as it slides farther to our east, it will start to pump in more heat and more humidity, kind of setting us up for the arrival of this front which could pop some showers and thunderstorms as we friday, as well. we'll talk more about that in detaylor has, you can see where the more humid air is to our southwest and we'll start to pump that in with a southwest breeze into tomorrow. maybe a touch sticky into tomorrow, downright humid as we get into friday until the front crosses over and much more comfortable as we head into the weekend. always nice to look forward to the weekend. there goes our high pressure, again, pumping in the warmth, we could be flirting with 90 by the time we make into friday
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front. we will watch for the chance, maybe an isolated shower or a storm, more likely northwestern new england as we get into tomorrow afternoon possibly overnight some raindrops and more likely to see the isolated storms move through as we get into friday afternoon. behind the front, less humid air and it just bumps down heat just a touch for us. really, a gorgeous weekend that's in store as we make it into saturday and comfortable temperatures in the 60s for us, a light southwest breeze into tomorrow. it will get strong from time to time 84 to 89 for our highs. already flirting with that 90-degree mark. summer is not over for us just yet and with the tempts that we have in store for us it looks like it continues to roll on. more great beach weather to enjoy. that's it for the 7 on 7 forecast. see you at 4:30.
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is speaking about charges not being filed in this case. let's listen in. >> sacred document in our democracy. no man or woman is above the law. police must follow the law. and our law is clear. an arrest in these circumstances without benefit of a warrant is an unconstitutional exercise of police power. even if the public accepts the commonwealth's finding effects how the fbi and boston police department could not de-escalate the interaction. there were five around trained law enforcement officers and one man allegedly holding a knife. fear of terrorism and allegations of wielding a knife do not authorize law enforcement to issue a death warrant in violation of our constitution. next, we would be remiss in
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death connects to the very many tragic police involved shootings of other african-american men around this country. ooh salma's death is not isolatedded. it is connected to a bloody history of law enforcement exercising discretion in a way that escalates rather than de-escalates confrontations with citizens of color. some blacks have been killed while inarmed and posing no conceivable threat whave decisions along a force continuum that results regrettably in yet another dead black body. >> my name is carl williams, with the american civil liberties union of massachusetts. really, the aclu of massachusetts has three concerns in relation to the information that was put forward by district attorney dan connely's office
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first is the closeness in which the investigating body here, that is the district attorney's office of suffolk county, had with the two groups it was investigating. that is the fbi office here in boston and its agents and the boston police department and its officers. actually at the community meeting that just happened, all three of those groups were answering questions sort of interspeakersed their ars that we would not see in a normal investigation where there were questions of did someone commit a criminal act or did someone use deadly force inappropriately, did someone murder someone? that isn't something that would normally happen. the closeness of that -- the relationship with those three bodies, raises some questions. second, this certainly is a time to raise the issue of police having body-worn cameras if the
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body worn cameras we would know far more about the allegations being put forth today and far better video of the incident from a number of angles from all of those police officers with body worn cameras. third, i think the issue of deescalation as professor sullivan just put forward, there are ways that these police officers and fbi agents are trained, these fbi agents believe mr. rahim may have been armed -- at least that's the information they're putting forward. and going into that situation saying we were just going to question this individual raises concerns to say were there ways that if they believe he was armed with a knife, not a firearm, couldn't they have de-escalated that situation, couldn't they have disarmed him if he didn't pose the threat that they're saying without having shot him numerous times
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that we have, and we'd like to see those addressed in some way, in this case and going forward in other cases. thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm shannon irwin, the executive director of the muslim justice league. we were one of the organizations invited to the community leaders meeting that happens immediately after the meeting of the district attorney with rahim's family and >> we would really like to express appreciation for being recruited in that meeting and caution the existence of a community meeting so rapidly after the family and attorneys received this report and before they had an opportunity to review it, should are not lead us to stop inquiry about this incident. we want to see continued inquiry into exactly what happens to get the family and attorneys time to review that 770 page report and
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narrative we have received today. in particular there's one incifsz or concern that we had that came up during a few times during this meeting to which attorney sullivan's remarks are relevant when he talked about their concern about rahim being the subject of an illegal attempted arrest and that is that we were told a few times both the officers wanted merely to question rahim and yet they also wanted to -- or under orders to prevent him those two statements are not entirely consistent in our view or at least el raise questions. if rahim were to answer questions after being approached for questioning, what then would follow in terms of the officer's intent to prevent him from getting on the bus. is that not the attempt to restrain his liberty which is the definition of an arrest. we would really encourage folks particularly in a situation where there are terrorism-related allegations


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